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Transfer Application Process

Southland ISD is an open-enrollment district. Parents of students wanting to transfer into Southland ISD must file an application for transfer with the campus principal who will recommend approval or denial to the Superintendent. Each transfer is considered and approved on an individual basis according to the guidelines on the application. There are no fees for transfer students.


                     1.  Parent/Guardian completes a transfer application (see links below) and submits to principal.
                    2.  Principal reviews and documents his recommendation.
                    3.  Superintendent reviews the application and approves or denies the request.
                    4.  Campus of attendance and parent/guardian is notified of acceptance or denial.

Returning Transfers

Transfer requests are approved for one year only. Each spring all current transfer students will be sent a transfer application for the next school year. They are encouraged to complete and submit the paperwork for approval to guarantee enough room in their child’s class. 

Transfer Application – new students




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