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U.I.L. Contest Results

Elizabeth Payton – 1st Place – Calculator
                                1st Place – Mathematics
                                1st Place – Number Sense
                                6th Place – Science (Regional Qualifier)

Hezekiah Cordell – 2nd Place – Current Events (Regional Qualifier)

De’Angelo Humphries – 3rd Place – Current Events
                                        3rd Place – Social Studies (Regional Qualifier)

Joby Fogerson – 5th Place – Current Events
                             4th Place – Social Studies

Chemo Rodela – 2nd Place – Informative Speaking (Regional Qualifier)

Kelson Lee – 1st Place – Science
                      Top Score – Physics and Chemistry (Regional Qualifier)

Kalli Davis – 13th Place – Calculator
                      12th Place – Mathematics
                      11th Place – Number Sense
                      10th Place – Science

Bryson Nelson – 7th Place – Social Studies

Dade Halford – 5th Place – Social Studies
                           11th Place – Current Events

Three teams are advancing to Regionals:
        1st – Current Issues & Events – Hezekiah Cordell, De’Angelo Humphries,
                                                           Joby Fogerson, Dade Halford (alternate)

        1st - Science – Kelson Lee, Elizabeth Payton, Kalli Davis

        1st - Social Studies – De’Angelo Humphries, Joby Fogerson,
                                          Dade Halford, Bryson Nelson (alternate)


Congratulations on their oustanding performance Southland Eagles!

Fearless Champions - Texas Tech
Fearless Champions - Texas Tech

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