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Regional UIL Academic Meet @ Levelland

Elizabeth Payton – will be competing at State in three events
                               1st place – computer apps
                               3rd place – mathematics
                               3rd place – science


District UIL Academic Meet @ Lorenzo

Southland was 3rd overall.

Regional Qualifiers

Elizabeth Payton:  1st – Computer Applications; 1st – Copy Editing; 1st – Editorial Writing; 1st – Literary Criticism; 1st – Math;
                              1st – Number Sense; 1st – Ready Writing; 2nd – Calculator Applications; 2nd – Headline Writing; 2nd – Science;
                              Top Score – Biology

Makaylee Green:  1st – Persuasive Speaking

Trinity Arocha:  3rd – Persuasive Speaking

Ciera Gonzales:  3rd – Literary Criticism

Dade Halford:  3rd – Social Studies

Literary Criticism Team – 1st place – Regional Qualifiers are Elizabeth Payton, Ciera Gonzales, Aidan O’Bryan

Other Placing in Events

Kalli Davis:  5th – Science

Aidan O’Bryan:  5th – Spelling

Elin Halford:  5th – Copy Editing

Makaylee Green:  6th – Social Studies

Other Competitors

Lucien Arocha
Thallion Arocha
Zach Grubbs
De’Angelo Humphries




Fearless Champions Invitational 2022

Elizabeth Payton – 1st overall in Computer Applications; 4th place among 12th grade math & science; 6th place among 12th grade Number Sense

Dade Halford – 2nd overall in Social Studies

Kaylee Stroud – 4th place among seniors in Number Sense

Thallion Arocha – 6th place among freshmen in Number Sense

2nd place overall team in Social Studies – Dade Halford, Makaylee Green, Trinity Arocha

Also competing were Kalli Davis, Lucien Arocha, and Ciera Gonzales.

Good job and congratulations to our Southland Eagles!


2021 UIL Speaking Events Results

1st Grade
Brooklyn Buxkemper – 1st place – Oral Reading
Lyndi McClain – 6th place – Oral Reading

2nd Grade
Mattox Johnson – 4th place – Oral Reading

3rd Grade
Jazlynn Sanchez – 6th place – Oral Reading

4th Grade
Colton McKinnon – 1st place – Oral Reading

7th Grade
Kaytelyn Whitlow – 5th place – Oral Reading
Ashlyn Wood – 6th place – Oral Reading

8th Grade
Ta’Tiana Florez – 5th place – Oral Reading
Audrey Lee – 5th place – Impromptu


2021 TTU Fall Fandango UIL Meet Results

Elizabeth Payton:  Calculator 12th Grade – 4th place
                              Math 12th Grade – 4th place
                              Number Sense 12th Grade – 2nd place & $500 scholarship
                              Science Overall – 2nd place
                              Science 12th Grade – 1st place

Social Studies Team 1A-2A Division: 
                             2nd place (Trinity Arocha, Makaylee Green, De’Angelo Humphries) 


2021 Fall U.I.L. Academic Results (Elem. & JH)

3rd Grade

Jazlynn Sanchez – 4th place Spelling, 2nd place Ready Writing


4th Grade

Jaxon Johnson – 6th place Music Memory, 3rd place Spelling, 1st place Ready Writing

Colton McKinnon – 2nd place Spelling, 1st place Number Sense, 4th place Ready Writing

Claire Nelson – 5th place Art, 2nd place Ready Writing

*3rd place Music Memory Team – Annie Basinger, Jaxon Johnson, Kalissa Guerrero, Dhevani Ariaz, Lexi Serrano  

*3rd place Number Sense Team – Colton McKinnon, Jaxon Johnson, Claire Nelson

*1st place Spelling Team – Jaxon Johnson, Colton McKinnon, Claire Nelson

*3rd place Art Team – Lexi Serrano, Dhevani Ariaz, Kalissa Guerrero, Claire Nelson, Annie Basinger


5th Grade

Jayton Bevers – 5th place Social Studies

Kinley Moncrief – 3rd place Ready Writing

Letty Zuniga – 4th place Ready Writing


6th Grade

Airyn Eakins – 2nd place Chess, 2nd place Dictionary Skills, 3rd place Listening Skills, 3rd place  

*3rd place Chess Team- Airyn Eakins, Fernando Mora, Natalie Rodriquez

*3rd place Calculator Team – Airyn Eakins, Fernando Mora, Natalie Rodriquez


7th grade

Elijah Perez – 6th place Spelling, 5th place Listening Skills

Kyler McKinnon- 2nd place Social Studies

Kaytelyn Whitlow – 4th place Social Studies, 1st place Dictionary Skills, 2nd place Mathematics,
4th place ready writing

Ashlyn Wood – 5th place Dictionary Skills, 3rd place Listening Skills

*2nd place Calculator Team – Elijah Perez, Lexi Flores, Caleb Grubbs

*2nd place Social Studies Team – Kyler McKinnon, Elijah Perez, Kaytelyn Whitlow


8th grade

Nathan Valdez – 4th place Chess, 6th place Ready Writing

Natalie Macias – 3rd place Spelling

Kyleen Garcia – 3rd place Social Studies

Ta’Tiana Florez – 3rd place Listening Skills

Audrey Lee- 4th place Listening Skills

* 1st place Listening Skills Team – Audrey Lee, Lizzy Gonzales, Ta’Tiana Florez

*2nd place Chess Team - Audrey Lee, Nathan Valdez, Lizzy Gonzales


Speaking events were postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date.