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2021 TTU Fall Fandango UIL Meet Results

Elizabeth Payton:  Calculator 12th Grade – 4th place
                              Math 12th Grade – 4th place
                              Number Sense 12th Grade – 2nd place & $500 scholarship
                              Science Overall – 2nd place
                              Science 12th Grade – 1st place

Social Studies Team 1A-2A Division: 
                             2nd place (Trinity Arocha, Makaylee Green, De’Angelo Humphries) 


2021 Fall U.I.L. Academic Results (Elem. & JH)

3rd Grade

Jazlynn Sanchez – 4th place Spelling, 2nd place Ready Writing


4th Grade

Jaxon Johnson – 6th place Music Memory, 3rd place Spelling, 1st place Ready Writing

Colton McKinnon – 2nd place Spelling, 1st place Number Sense, 4th place Ready Writing

Claire Nelson – 5th place Art, 2nd place Ready Writing

*3rd place Music Memory Team – Annie Basinger, Jaxon Johnson, Kalissa Guerrero, Dhevani Ariaz, Lexi Serrano  

*3rd place Number Sense Team – Colton McKinnon, Jaxon Johnson, Claire Nelson

*1st place Spelling Team – Jaxon Johnson, Colton McKinnon, Claire Nelson

*3rd place Art Team – Lexi Serrano, Dhevani Ariaz, Kalissa Guerrero, Claire Nelson, Annie Basinger


5th Grade

Jayton Bevers – 5th place Social Studies

Kinley Moncrief – 3rd place Ready Writing

Letty Zuniga – 4th place Ready Writing


6th Grade

Airyn Eakins – 2nd place Chess, 2nd place Dictionary Skills, 3rd place Listening Skills, 3rd place  

*3rd place Chess Team- Airyn Eakins, Fernando Mora, Natalie Rodriquez

*3rd place Calculator Team – Airyn Eakins, Fernando Mora, Natalie Rodriquez


7th grade

Elijah Perez – 6th place Spelling, 5th place Listening Skills

Kyler McKinnon- 2nd place Social Studies

Kaytelyn Whitlow – 4th place Social Studies, 1st place Dictionary Skills, 2nd place Mathematics,
4th place ready writing

Ashlyn Wood – 5th place Dictionary Skills, 3rd place Listening Skills

*2nd place Calculator Team – Elijah Perez, Lexi Flores, Caleb Grubbs

*2nd place Social Studies Team – Kyler McKinnon, Elijah Perez, Kaytelyn Whitlow


8th grade

Nathan Valdez – 4th place Chess, 6th place Ready Writing

Natalie Macias – 3rd place Spelling

Kyleen Garcia – 3rd place Social Studies

Ta’Tiana Florez – 3rd place Listening Skills

Audrey Lee- 4th place Listening Skills

* 1st place Listening Skills Team – Audrey Lee, Lizzy Gonzales, Ta’Tiana Florez

*2nd place Chess Team - Audrey Lee, Nathan Valdez, Lizzy Gonzales


Speaking events were postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date.